Lights, Camera, Action, Database

There is no question, digital media has changed every aspect of content production. Non linear editing, quick recall of footage clips, multiple tracks of high fidelity audio, and compression codecs have all shaped the stories and how we told them. 2000 – 2010 was a powerful decade full of opportunities and lessons to creative professionals, content creators, and content holders. Here is one that we will take with us into 2011.

When YouTube launched in Fall of 2005, the concept that all of us would be recording and uploading as much media as we do today seemed real only in science fiction movies. So it comes with surprise and wonderment through the words of Eric Schmidt…

Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until  2003

Seriously Eric, that is allot of information, roughly 5 Exabytes of content. How much of the 5 million gigabytes of content did you contribute? Keeping in mind that quote was published light years ago August, 4th 2010 via TechCrunch, it becomes all the more astonishing when we take a deeper look at his statement and what it means to you, me, and the billions of other people who call civilization home.

Assuming this rate of growth just stays the same and does not increase, since August 4th, 2010 to Feb 1st, 2011 we created an additional 442,500,000 Gigs of content in only 177 days. This growth is staggering and it will only get bigger this year. You can also look at it this way.

According to the first organic google search result for “Dawn of Civilization” we learn that the civilization began on B.C. 5867. Its been exactly 2,873,962 days or 410,566 Weeks since the we started creating all of this information. In this amount of time we created roughly 5 exabytes of content.

If Digital did not exist and analog content was still made a small handful of civilization like CBS, Paramount, and Warner, we would have had to wait for another 254,345,637 days to have as much information as we do today.

So the point is not just that collectively we are generating allot of content or that civilization is going to develop faster than culture may be able to keep pace with. Instead, the point that fascinates me is that the amount and presence of new, existing, and historic content is shaping our creative process and thus also the content we are making. How and where the content is watched is becoming part of the story itself. I am not sure if this is the birth of quantum media, perhaps that will be left to explore in a follow up post.

We know with all of this certain change, content will continue to accelerate and shift into new patterns of orbit. Yet no matter which way it goes, if we maintain a strong gravitational attraction through best practices, interoperability, and integrated design we will be able to benefit many times over from any angle of its inevitable rotation so we can launch new objects of media into the consumer solar system.

Peter Agelasto

BlueWall Media


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